Teach Me to Take One Day at a Time

I have been singing and humming this song for two days now.  One day at a time sweet Jesus…

Has the Lord ever challenged you to rethink something that you have lived your whole life?  You have bee-bopped along your entire 37 years and never even thought twice about the change He keeps stirring in your heart?  As much as you try to make it go away, it won’t go away.  I am learning the Lord is relentless pursuing his beloved.  He won’t give up on us.  When change is for our good, He will change us.  He loves us that much.

A lot of times when we begin to hear that still stern voice, we ignore it and might even say silly things like, “Oh Lord, that’s not possible.”  Can you believe we actually say things like that?  The Bible is clear when talking about the power of our risen Savior.  As my pastor preached with passion Sunday, the power of Christ is with us to accomplish the purposes of God.  All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.

He brings you to your knees with a circumstance in which all you can do is surrender.  This is when we look to Heaven and believe everything He has taught us and stand firm in our faith.  We can count it all joy because He is using, even this, for good.  We will know Him more through our challenges, suffering, and the changing of our hearts.

One day we wake up and repent for being slow to obey and we decide to walk in obedience with Jesus because He is the only way, truth, and life.  It’s hard but it’s worth it.

We surrender,


resolve to obey even when it’s not easy,

believe we can change,

and trust in Him who is trustworthy!

Whatever it is He is nudging you to rethink or change, remember ALL things are possible through the power of our risen Savior.

This is my prayer today:

I’m only human I’m just a woman
Help me to believe in what I could be and all that I am
Show me the stairway that I have to climb
Lord for my sake teach me to take one day at a time
One day at a time sweet Jesus that’s all I’m asking from you
Give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do
Yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine
So for my sake teach me to take one day at a time

One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus by Patsy Cline



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