When you don’t feel like going to church…

I arrived in the large dome to thousands of small voices singing…

I got this feeling inside my bones,

It goes electric wavy when I turn it on,

And if you want it inside your soul,

Just open up your heart…

You have to listen to get the full effect, here’s a clip:

As I walked down the concrete steps my body began to dance, a smile lifted on my face and I felt the happy in this place.  These kids were overjoyed to be at Chesapeake Arena watching basketball and so was I.

And to think I wasn’t going to come…

The night before, I had told my son, “I just don’t feel like going on this field trip.”  He begged me and I could sense it was important to him so I walked out of his room and prayed, “Lord, should I go?”

I instantly turned around walked in his dark room and whispered in his ear, “I will go if they have a ticket for me.”  He grinned while turning his face into his pillow so maybe I wouldn’t see, he still wants his mom to go, smile.  🙂

I have said similar words when it comes to going to church.  I just don’t feel like going.  There could be numerous reasons why we don’t feel like going.

I don’t feel good.

I am tired.

I have to see you know who there.

Ms. On Fire For Jesus will ask me to small group again.

I will cry and I don’t want to cry today.

I don’t have my life together enough to go.

I don’t want a hug, how are you.

I will feel that tug to change and I don’t know how.

I have to catch up around the house.

My husband and my family won’t go, who will I sit with?

And the list can go on and on…

But, never fail each time I arrive at church to worship the Lord, I get this feeling inside my bones.  As we begin to sing about the forever promises of God, all those reasons why I didn’t feel like coming fall away and are replaced with feelings of love, mercy, and compassion.  My heart begins to dance, a smile lifts on my face and I feel the happy in God’s church.  The Holy Spirit is present.  Sometimes my body is still and a tear trickles down my cheek but there is much goodness in that too.  Then my favorite time comes, the very words of Life are read and proclaimed.  God’s words are the bread of life.

I am learning every single time the Lord will meet you with goodness when you come to worship.  When church becomes less about us and more about Him, you can’t stop the feeling.  You feel like going to church.  You begin to desire to know Jesus more and worship Him.

Just as I told my son when the game was over, I leave church saying, “I am so glad I came.”

Lord, help us push past our feelings and go to church.  You are worth it!