Treasures in the Barn

It’s been a memorable weekend. Loved ones came to support our son in his first Hughes county stock show and spend precious time with us. Grandma and Grandad lost many games of Uno but Grandma did come away the big $16 winner of Right, Left, Center.  Thank you Lord for dear family that loves us big!

As we wrap up this first year of stock showing I am reflecting on the good. What a blessing it is to say most if not all was good.

Our nine year old really did learn the serious commitment it takes to be the sole caretaker of an animal.  Yes, Dad did feed occasionally but Lathan did the majority of feeding and watering and to my surprise, the grumblings were minimal.  (side note: mommas, dads, 4H leaders, and ag teachers give yourself a pat on the back for guiding your kiddos in this process)

We all learned there is much more to showing a lamb than just leading her in the show ring. 😉 I watched our son get better and better each time he showed.  I saw him enjoy an extracurricular activity and work hard at improving.

We met new families that we enjoyed beginning to get to know.  Our youngest loves running around the show barn with these friends.  We had no trouble getting her to sleep each night this weekend. 🙂

But, I think my favorite treasure that came from stock showing this year was the time spent with my family outside and in the barn.  This is a place my husband has always been but for me it is becoming a new place to spend time watching my family bond and my children grow.  It’s good for all of us to put our phones down and be together.


I close with this today.

“The book of Proverbs makes it clear that diligence-being willing to work hard and do one’s best at any job given to him or her-is a vital part of wise living.  We work hard, not to become rich, famous, or admired (although those may be by-products), but to serve God with our very best during our lives.” (Life Application Study Bible NLT)

I think stock showing has been one way of teaching our son the fruits of his labor.  It’s been a good year and we are looking forward to showing more.

Oh Father God, help us work hard and serve You with our very best!




God Knows!

The first thing I did as my mind awoke this morning was pray. This does not always happen but I fell asleep worrying and was a little restless all night.  I probably should have prayed last night.  Philippians 4:6 says something like, instead of worrying pray.  Good advice.

I prayed, God, I don’t know how to help my child…

Our children will face hard things and we will not know how to help them.  I had no idea this would be part of the journey of parenting.  Aren’t good moms suppose to have all the answers and quick fixes?  When friends, family, doctors and even pastors don’t have answers, where does that leave us?
So, we cry out saying, God I don’t know. You know! Help my kid and help me know my part.

In the meantime, even when we don’t know how to help or what the right answer is, what do we do?

~We hang on to the only One who has proven faithful from the beginning. We continue to read about God’s everlasting love and faithfulness. We remember how He has been faithful to us in the past. He is good and He loves us and our children.

~We keep praying! Even if it’s a simple, I DON’T KNOW GOD! Help us! Trust that He hears. Trust that He is for us.

~We keep seeking Jesus. He is the way, the truth and life.  He knows, even when we don’t know.

This is all I know today… Trust in our great God or the alternative is worry and fear. I don’t know about you but worry and fear have proven not to work. I have tried both but today I choose to trust our great God!

I trust You are good, God!

I trust that You hear us!

I trust that you love me!

I trust that You love my kiddos!

I trust that You know all things and You are working them out for good!

So hang on parents that don’t have the answers! None of us do!  I share your burden of not wanting your child to suffer and not being able to fix it.  Keep seeking our ever faithful Savior and keep praying for your children.   He hears you! He knows!  He’s working things out for good!

“And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.”
‭‭ROMANS‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭AMP‬‬

No kidding, after writing this I went to get dressed and this is the shirt I put on.  I looked in the mirror and read:


Praying we rest in our all knowing God this weekend.