So the next generation might know…

What God, you mean I am suppose to share with the ones I live with…

I remember sitting at bible study overhearing some moms talk about family devotional time and challenges they were having with their little ones sitting still and praying about unicorns.  The first thought that popped in my mind was, I am not sure that would ever work in our home.  This thought was not from the Lord. 😉  My son was 3 and my daughter was newborn.

Am I suppose to be doing this?  I thought to myself, is this part of my purpose?  How can I teach the people I live with when I am learning myself?  It wasn’t to long after this blessed morning when the Lord, gently and lovingly whispered to me during my quiet time (or as I like to call it, my secret place ❤️),  “If you don’t tell them these truths, who will?”

We will not hide these truths from our children;  we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.  For he issued  his laws to Jacob;  he gave his instructions to Israel.  He commanded our ancestors to teach them to their children, so the next generation might know them- even the children not yet born-and they in turn will teach their own children.  So each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands. Psalms 78:4-7 NLT

This was my first and most important call into the ministry.  Up until this point my relationship with Jesus was mostly just between Him and I.  I had not shared the gospel much.  I was beginning to grow in God’s Word like I had never experienced before and friends, you can only read the bible so long and then at some point, out of pure love and joy you have a desire to share.

Although I knew I must be obedient and begin the read the words of Life in our home, I had no idea how to get this started.  I prayed.  Friends, when you ask the Lord to help you share the gospel in your home, He will help you.  Then I began to ask some friends at bible study.  Nothing that I began to do in our home was my original idea.  Mommas that love Jesus have great ideas, use them!  The way I share the Word in our home most likely looks different than how my friends do.  Try some things and use what works for your family.

Questions and doubts flooded my mind as usually happens when I venture into the unknown.  Where does this fit in our day?  Will my family think I have lost my mind?  Will my little ones really listen and retain something?  And the question that plagues me most, what if I don’t have the answers?  I did my best to push these questions aside and trust the Lord.

I simply began by putting my kids in my lap in the living room with my husband and reading from a recommended children’s story book bible.  This happens to fit in our day before bedtime.  The two books we have enjoyed the most are, The Jesus Storybook Bible written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and  Read and Share Bible Stories by Gwen Ellis.  We also enjoy the Bible App for kids by YouVersion.   My 8 year old son is now beginning to fact check the stories so we always have his bible handy. We end this time with questions or comments about the story we read.  I am learning right along with them.  This does not take place ever single night but we do try to do it as much as possible.   This time in our house does not always look picture perfect, some nights it’s more of a conversation about being a good listener.  But, I can look back over the last five years and see God’s Word changing us for good.

We sometimes like to do special things around Christmas and Easter.  This is a good change in routine.  We have done scripture chains, Jesse tree ornaments, and The Donkey in the Living Room by Sarah Raymond Cunningham for Christmas.  All of which friends recommended and I found on Pinterest, just make sure it is biblical.  For Easter which happens to be right around the corner, we do ressurection eggs.  My children love these and I too can’t wait to get them out this year!  I discovered these when I was invited to a sweet sister’s house and a room full of mommas that love Jesus made them together.

The Lord in His goodness would not leave me alone about reading the Word of God to my family.  And Hallelujah, Praise God, He didn’t!  Some of the best moments and conversations in our home have blossomed from this time.

Lord, thank you for your Word.  Help us to carve out time to read the bible and engage in conversations that matter with the precious ones we live with.



He is Near


There are painful memories on this day.  My mind can rehearse the details from the phone call at 5am to standing hand and hand around her hospital bed with family and close friends singing Amazing Grace. It’s interesting that I can remember such detail from this day yet I can not remember what I came to the grocery store for.  This day two years ago my loved ones and I said goodbye for now to a special lady.  I thought there would be more time.  I think this is one of the things that troubles me the most.

I was not planning on writing today but I find myself flipping through her bible for truth and comfort.  May the Word of God always be a place where I run to for truth and comfort.  I land in a bible study she started toward the end of her walk on this earth.  I find these promises that she would have read:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Psalm 46:1 (NIV)

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.  Psalm 145:18 (NIV)

(Jesus said) “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:20 (NIV)

I know these promises gave her comfort the day she read them just as I find the Lord comforting me today.  God is ever-present, near, with us always!  The Lord was near the day we said goodbye and He is near today as my family and I miss her.

I write today because I have people in my life walking through the aching things life throws at us and I see them persevering and clinging to Jesus.  Keep clinging to His precious promises!  He is near!  I pray that we find comfort in knowing that God is present, near and with us always, to the very end of the age. ❤️

Jesus Loves Me ❤️

Of course it’s Feburary and I want to write about L-O-V-E.  I could write a blog and gush over the strong steady cowboy that I do life with that loves me so well but he would probably prefer I not. 😉

So I will write about a lyric from a song that I sometimes sing to my daughter:

Jesus LOVES me.

As I begin to think and dig into these words Jesus loves me/us, I realize there are much smarter people with theology degrees and stuff that could take us much deeper but here’s my simple understanding today.

What greater LOVE than dying for our sin and cleansing us from our yuckiness (I don’t even know if that is a word) ?  This hit home last week in one of my studies.  I was challenged to thank God specifically for past sin I had been forgiven of.  Remembering and writing about my sin was hard but you know what… I AM FORGIVEN!   May we never forget the great LOVE that took place on the cross.  Because of the cross,  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

What greater LOVE than Jesus making a way for us to be part of God’s family?  It is a wonderful feeling to know that we belong.  Romans 1:6 says, including you who are called to belong to Jesus Christ.  🙂  Paul says, that those who become Christians are invited by Jesus Christ to belong to God’s family, and be his very own people.  (from the application note in my Bible) This includes a sinner like me still trying to figure out how to be a Jesus girl.

What greater LOVE than Him preparing a perfect place for us to spend eternity with Him?  Believers in Jesus do not have to fear life after death.  John 14:2  Jesus says, In my Father’s house are many rooms.  If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?

What greater LOVE than One who will never leave us alone as we complete our mission here on this earth?  As the Lord calls me into ministry, I am realizing that following Christ is not always easy and most of the time I have no idea what I am doing.  But I hang onto His words in John 14:16-17, “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate (or comforter, encourager, counselor), who will never leave you.  He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth.

What greater LOVE than knowing He will light the way?  Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Psalm 119:105 The more I read God’s word the more I know of this deep LOVE God has had for His people from the beginning.  God will light the way for us!

Most of the time, my kids can articulate better than I, it is no coincidence that I found this folded up in the playroom today:



Friends, I hope you feel loved by your Savior as we approach Valentine’s Day.  Let these 3 simple words soak in today.  Jesus LOVES you!