I am the Simple


As your words are taught, they give light; even the simple can understand them.  Psalm 119:130

I walk into a women’s bible study seeking friendship, socialization and okay maybe just a few minutes of adult conversation, hoping that no one would judge me for the occasional cigarette that I smoke. (side note: with the help of Jesus I have just about kicked this habit, although it does raise it’s ugly head every now and then)  Oh, but did I receive something GREATER!

As I sat nervously listening to the girls at my table (all of which were younger than me), I heard real conversation about the Bible and they seemed to really know what they were talking about.  I thought well, maybe they are in bible classes at the local baptist college or something.  I even remember reading some of their blogs and thinking how did they become so wise?  Could I, plain ole me, understand the Bible like these girls?

I went home and said, “Well, I don’t belong there.”  But, the Lord drew me back, He is good like that.  Then, who would become a special mentor, closed the bible study by saying,  “Even if you don’t feel like it or your homework is not done, Just Come next week.”  These have become powerful words in my life.  Yes, there are times when my heart has not been right when I go to bible study or worship but the Word of God changes me each time I encounter it.

So, I encourage you to Just Come and encounter God’s Word.  You may be saying how do I do that.  I have been in that exact place and here are two disciplines in my life that have been life changing.

~Seek out a place to engage with others in Truth

May that be an online group rooted in the Truth of God’s Word (two helpful sites for me have been shereadstruth.com and the first5 app by Proverbs 31 Ministries) or find a group of friends and meet online or in your living room and study and talk about the Bible.  Most importantly,  find a bible study that is rooted in Truth at a bible teaching church.  I have done all of these and have been blessed by each of them in different ways.  Engaging with others about the Word of God has become one of my favorite things to do.

~Create your own secret place

Although I love the discussions with my gals, my secret place is where I am changed.  Find a place and a time to read God’s very words to you.  He wrote them down for us.  How cool is that!  If you come to a place of frustration in the Word, don’t give up. Instead pray for understanding, the Lord is faithful and will help us understand.

I am just seven short years down the road from the day I walked into that bible study and I know the Lord God Almighty more and I am understanding His Word (Bible) more each time I open it.  If this can happen to me, a girl that found the bible overwhelming (especially the Old Testament), it can happen to you!  If you are wondering can I know my Maker, Creator, and Lord through the Bible… Yes, Yes, Yes you can! It took me 30+ years to grab ahold of this truth but I believe truth it is.  Do I have it all figured out? NO, but I am forever thankful to be reading the words of the One who does have it figured out.

Even the simple, like me, can understand.

Everyone who says “I believe” has the opportunity to fall in love with the Bible and understand its beautiful layers just as God intended.  – Jen Hatmaker